How can I become a Regular customer?

1. The only effective way is to succeed in completing a character Commission Request order (如果您是国内用户,请点击这里). 

2. Other type of requests can also facilitate the process much more quickly.

3. Otherwise there’s nothing you have to do on purpose, once you passed our review based on your account age, consumptions, interactions and so forth, you’ll be good to go. You can check the Addon of Naughty Classmate as an example to verify, if the Expansion Pack is visible to you, then Congrats, you become a Regular now.

4. Alternatively, you can feel free to prove you should be trusted via email to us [email protected]

Please note that if you betrayed our trust or violate any of our TOS in the future, not only your role will be revoked but you will also jeopardize your entire account.